We’re welcoming author Mark Sampson to Transatlantic Agency!

Mark is the author of five books: the novels The Slip (Dundurn Press​, 2017), Sad Peninsula, (Dundurn Press, 2014), and Off Book (Norwood Publishing, 2007), the short story collection, The Secrets Men Keep (Now or Never Publishing, 2015), and the poetry collection, Weathervane, (Palimpsest Press​, 2016). Mark has published many short stories, poems, essays and book reviews in literary journals and magazines across Canada. He holds a journalism degree from the University of King’s College in Halifax and a master’s degree in English from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Born and raised on Prince Edward Island, he currently lives and writes in Toronto.

Mark’s new novel, ALL THE ANIMALS ON EARTH, brings elements of parody to the standard post-apocalyptic tale. Lowly HR manager Hector Thompson lives in a world ravaged by decades of underpopulation. But when scientists discover a way to transmogrify various species of birds and mammals into humanoid form, Hector finds his life turned utterly upside down. This is a story about unrelenting change, about a society out of control and barely recognizable to itself, and about how one man seeks solace and camaraderie in a world that is clearly moving on without him.

Mark is represented by Stephanie Sinclair.