We are very excited to welcome to Tom Warner to Transatlantic! Tom shares his extraordinary account in his book Beyond The Stars.

It was September 1, 1969, and ten-year-old Tommy Warner, was living in the Berkshires town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, with his six siblings in their family’s 1835 homestead. That evening, he was next door, coloring with his neighbor when mental telepathy called him to leave his neighbor’s house and go home. An historic event was about to occur. All noises disappeared and in an instant, a UFO dropped out of the sky and he was abducted. 

Tom was gone for seven minutes before being put back down in a UFO beam at the edge of the Warner Homestead. Startlingly, just two weeks later, the UFO came back and he was abducted a second time.

His story was featured in the 2020 Netflix Series Unsolved Mysteries “Berkshires UFO.” Tom’s autobiography covers the events both before and after the abductions, and how this affected him.

Tom is represented by Chandler Crawford. Visit his website: www.tomwarnerbeyondthestars.com