Transatlantic is excited to announce that World English rights to Pam Withers’ latest YA novel, CAVE-IN, which combines nail-biting caving adventure with a clash between industry and the environment. Hudson Greer and his caving partner Jett are determined to become teen legends who discover a long-sought passageway that connects two giant cave systems in their little mountain town. But they’re haunted by the history of a giant sinkhole that opened up and swallowed a building full of people, including Hudson’s grandfather. Hudson knows it’s in danger of happening again due to industry activity in the area; he just doesn’t know when or where; have been acquired by Catharina de Bakker at Yellow Dog/Great Plains Publications!

Publication is scheduled for the fall of 2024. 

Amy Tompkins at Transatlantic Agency handled the deal.

Congratulations Pam!