Transatlantic is excited to welcome Pacha Philosopher, Nature Wisdom Weaver, and Eco-Psychologist, Lorena Saavedra Smith, as well as announce that World rights to Lorena’s THE JAGUAR’S CALLING, a guide for readers to reclaim their agency and purpose—especially from cultural forces that have caused them to feel deficient, inadequate, and invisible—through the medicine of ancestral wisdom and right relationship with nature, has been acquired by Jaime Schwalb at SoundsTrue!

Deal by Amanda Orozco at Transatlantic Literary Agency.

Lorena Saavedra Smith is a Pacha Philosopher, Nature Wisdom Weaver, Eco-Psychologist, Mindfulness Facilitator, Yoga Therapist, and Author. She is also a leading expert in stress management, spirituality, embodiment awareness, and the importance of reconnecting with nature. Originally from Perú, Lorena is a first-generation U.S. immigrant, a lifelong storyteller and keeper of Andean Ancestral Wisdom and Medicine.

With more than 20 years of experience as a wellness facilitator and speaker, Lorena draws on her multidisciplinary background to promote trust and share her personal experiences of overcoming stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma through consistent access to her cultural heritage. Through many years of healing, particularly through embodiment practices and mindfulness, Lorena went on to become one of a small handful of Latinx wellness-center owners in Florida and to support hundreds of people to heal, both emotionally and physically.

Anchored to the principle of reciprocity with nature, Lorena’s work and legacy are centered on educating people through thought-provoking presentations on topics related to inclusivity. Her aim is to inspire audiences to recognize the power of their cultural heritage as a means of addressing stress and mental-health challenges, and to reconnect with nature as an essential aspect of their overall well-being. Lorena’s personal wounds—related to war, poverty, colonization, and oppression—have become the portals through which she has reconnected to, reconciled with, and remembered her medicine, which offers readers the key to personal and collective healing through a weaving of ancestral medicine and future possibilities.

Through Lorena’s words and work, she hopes to help readers from a variety of backgrounds—especially first-generation U.S. immigrant Latinas—to move through anxiety, shame, and perfectionism; rediscover and reconnect with their own inner wisdom, and with the healing powers of nature; and access the tools to interweave their dreams with their deep roots, in order to navigate the struggles of the modern human and planetary condition and to emerge triumphant.

Congratulations and Welcome Lorena!