Dr. Rebecca “Becky” Hosey is a licensed chiropractor, physician assistant, speaker, and writer, with degrees from the University of Albany, New York Chiropractic College, and the Le Moyne College Physician Assistant Program. With many years of unique clinical experience, her expertise is in the fields of pain medicine and psychiatry. A life-long learner, Becky has a strong passion for education and has held several academic positions at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She was also a recipient of the William G. Allyn Award for “Commemorating Strong Academic Performance, Exemplary Professionalism, Leadership & Community Service.”

Becky was diagnosed with Sjögren’s Disease in 2015, and stage four endometriosis in 2021 after years of undiagnosed and severe symptoms. Becky began sharing her story to inspire others to prioritize the care in healthcare, and is currently writing a memoir documenting her experiences and advocating for patients with chronic illnesses. Becky has appeared on numerous podcasts, given presentations to both academic and general audiences, and has partnered with several autoimmune organizations to share her story.

She lives in beautiful upstate New York with her family.

Becky is represented by Brenna English-Loeb.

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