We are over the moon to see eight Transatlantic clients on the Writers Trust of Canada 2024 CanLit Summer Reads List!

The list of essential summer reads was handpicked by Canadian authors who have recently published new works. There are lighthearted books that make for perfectly easy beach reading as well as titles that encourage deeper reflection, and everything in between. To see the full list, click here: https://www.writerstrust.com/recommended-reading/2024-summer/

The included titles and authors:

  • Emily Austin, author of INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT SPACE, recommends Zoe Whittall’s collection of short stories WILD FAILURE. Zoe is represented by Samantha Haywood.
  • Shashi Bhat, author of DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS, recommends Deepa Rajagopalan’s PEACOCKS OF INSTAGRAM, and Vincent Anioke’s PERFECT LITTLE ANGELS. Deepa is represented by Marilyn Biderman. Vincent is represented by Carolyn Forde.
  • Denise Chong, author of OUT OF DARKNESS: RUMANA MONZUR’S JOURNEY THROUGH BETRAYAL, TYRANNY AND ABUSE, recommends Nadine Sander-Green’s debut novel RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT. Nadine is represented by Samantha Haywood.
  • Shawn Micallef, author of STROLL: PSYCHOGEOGRAPHIC WALKING TOURS OF TORONTO, recommends RIVER MUMMA by Zalika Reid-Benta, and A DEATH AT THE PARTY by Amy Stuart. Zalika is represented by Amy Tompkins. Amy is represented by Samantha Haywood.
  • Blaise Ndala, author of THE WAR YOU DON’T HATE, recommends THE HOME FOR UNWANTED GIRLS by Joanna Goodman. Joanna is co-represented by Samantha Haywood and Carolyn Forde.
  • Chuqiao Yang, author of THE LAST TO THE PARTY, recommends JUNIE by Chelene Knight. Chelene is represented by Samantha Haywood. 

Congratulations everyone!