Representing Adult Authors


Stephanie is actively curating her list and is looking for both fiction and nonfiction.

Fiction Mandates: Literary and upmarket fiction. Will consider literary thriller and suspense, and YA crossover. No historical, commercial or romance fiction will be considered.

Nonfiction Mandates: Narrative nonfiction, memoir, investigative journalism and true crime.

Guidelines: Please send submissions by email only. Submissions should include a short biography, past publishing credits, and a 20-page writing sample in Word or PDF format. Replies will be sent only for submissions being actively considered.


Stephanie is of Cree-Ojibwe and settler descent. Sinclair represents writers of award-winning fiction and nonfiction including Journey Prize winner Sharon Bala, Billy Ray Belcourt, Joshua Whitehead, Lee Maracle and Harriet Alida Lye. Writers on her roster have been nominated for the Governor General’s Award, Scotiabank Giller Prize, Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction, LAMDA Awards, The Toronto Book Award and many others. Stephanie looks for fiction and nonfiction work that provokes big conversations and strives for social betterment. In addition to managing her own robust client list, she oversees international rights sales for clients represented by Samantha Haywood and Page Two Strategies.

Stephanie is a graduate of the publishing program at Ryerson University and the creative writing program at the Humber School for Writers. For many years, authors, journalists and theatre writers have benefited from Stephanie’s uniquely attuned and effective advice in her work as an award-nominated freelance editor. Stephanie is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Literary Agents.


  • Abdullah, Silmy
  • Abel, Jordan
  • Ahmed, Mariama
  • Bala, Sharon
  • Behar, Eliott
  • Belcourt, Billy-Ray
  • Bennett, Andrea
  • Berkhout, Nina
  • Bhat, Shashi
  • Blake, Becky
  • Braganza, Chantal
  • Brodoff, Ami Sands
  • Caetano, Cody
  • Colford, Ian
  • Couture, Christa
  • Davies, Lorraine
  • Doyle, Terry
  • Dumont, Dawn
  • Dunning, Norma
  • Elliott, Alicia
  • Foley, Eric
  • Fox, Lori
  • Friesen, Bernice
  • Gunn, Genni
  • Gunraj, Andrea
  • Hemming, Deborah
  • Holborn, Hannah
  • Huebert, David
  • Ibrahim, Djamila
  • Johnson, Harold R.
  • Karasik, Daniel
  • Khan, Adnan
  • Kimmel, Fran
  • Kopecky, Arno
  • Kurchak, Sarah
  • Lalonde, Angelique
  • Larsen, Sonja
  • Lederer, Julia
  • Lee, Edward
  • Lewis, Amanda
  • Lye, Harriet Alida
  • Madsen, Kirsten
  • Mahtani, Minelle
  • Maracle, Lee
  • Martis, Eternity
  • Maxymiw, Anna
  • McBride, Karen
  • McMahon, Ryan
  • McMillan, Amber
  • Methot, Suzanne
  • Osman, Yasin
  • Parr, Jocelyn
  • Patel, Reema
  • Peck, Frances
  • Redvers, Tunchai
  • Ridgeway, Justin
  • Ruthnum, Naben
  • Rutledge, Justin
  • S. Thompson, Kelly
  • Sampson, Mark
  • Scott, Genevieve
  • Slot, Andrea Witzke
  • Smith, Christian
  • Smythe, Karen
  • Sullivan, Andrew F.
  • Stewart, Wendi
  • Tacon, Claire
  • Tilley, Sara
  • Vowel, Chelsea
  • Webb-Campbell, Shannon
  • Whitehead, Joshua
  • Wood, Shelley
  • Zafar, Samra
  • Zdybel, Katie