Jen Sendros Keshka (published under the name Jenny Pinkerton) is an artist, educator, author, and illustrator. She has a Masters degree in Art Education, a BFA in Fine Arts, a minor in Art History, and is a certified art educator in the state of New Jersey. Based on research, Keshka develops book concepts and designs intended to engage children’s senses, share foundational art knowledge, and encourage creative-thinking behaviors.

For 6 years Keshka was the sole art educator for approximately 1000 PreK-5thgrade students until she resigned in 2016 to fulfill her life-long dream of living in New York City. It is there that her many book ideas, previously jotted onto sticky notes, drawn into her teaching planner, and stuffed into notebooks, had the time and space to flourish. While in NYC, Pinkerton conducted her thesis research which investigated strategies used by museum educators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to engage children between 18-months and 3-years old in story time. Through research and experience, Keshka knows that art experiences matter to the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of children. Pinkerton believes that every person possesses creative potential—a notion she hopes to instill in her readers.

Represented by Elizabeth Bennett.

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