Award winning broadcaster, stand-up comic, communications director, executive advisor to politicians and college presidents and ordained spiritual director. Ralph Benmergui is all of those things and now we can add author to the list with his new book, I Thought He Was Dead!

As a speaker, writer and workshop leader Ralph brings all his gifts to bear as he walks us through the autumn of his life with enthusiasm, passion and a healthy dollop of belly laughs. How do we move from age-ing to sage-ing? How do we renew our purpose at work and in life? What is the legacy we will leave our children? With insight and practical tools we can move from being seniors foraging for discounts to harvesting our wisdom and taking our rightful place in our families, society and work as elders.


Don’t Leave Your Zeppelin in the Parking Lot. Re-Imagining Work

No more leaving the best part of you in the parking lot, no more “death-by-meeting,” and as far as finally arriving at the dreaded send-off pizza party goes, that’s definitely out. Work is a huge part of our lives. It deserves your passion. Join Ralph for laughs, hopefully not too many tears and some real working wisdom.

From Age-ing to Sage-ing-The Wisdom Harvest

Today there are more people in the autumn of their lives than ever before. We live longer. The challenge is: do we live better. Are we valued for our wisdom? Can we find renewed purpose as we get closer to the end? Join Ralph, an award winning broadcaster, longtime executive advisor to cabinet ministers and college presidents, and now author of I Thought He Was Dead! mixing laughter, and yes, a few well-deserved tears. In an inspiring presentation, this master storyteller walks us through the social and spiritual journey of aging.

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