Andrew Pyper’s New York Times and Times (UK) bestselling books have been publicly endorsed by the likes of Stephen King, Dennis Lehane and Gillian Flynn, and he has thousands of fans worldwide ever since his first novel (which has sold over 500,000 copies) was published in over twenty foreign languages, a novel that was recently named by USA Today as one of the “scariest books ever written.” He is currently working closely with many top-tier Hollywood producers who are adapting his work both for feature film and television series, including Robert Zemeckis (Back to the FutureForrest Gump), Dan Lin (The Lego MovieSherlock Holmes), Universal Pictures, Legendary Pictures (InterstellarGodzilla), and Warner Bros TV.

Dr. Steven Hayward is not only a leading Shakespeare and Creative Writing scholar, but is an experienced and much sought-after management trainer, having taught leadership education techniques across the United States through working with top corporations including Hewlett Packard, Oracle and General Electric. He is also the co-host and co-creator of the popular radio program Critical Karaoke which is carried by National Public Radio. In addition, he’s been a significant presence on news and general interest NPR programs including Weekend EditionAll Things Considered, and As It Happens.


We Could Be Heroes is a breakthrough strengths-finding and team-building workshop conveyed though a series of entertaining, emotionally revelatory exercises that draw on the imaginative reservoir possessed by all of us. It’s also a powerful toolset for business teams, new employees, the classroom – anywhere where transformation is called for but difficult to initiate.

Facilitators Pyper and Hayward guide you through a way thinking about yourself and your relationship with your institution or team by using superhero world-building. Secret identities. Villains. Mind-blowing plot twists. A thrilling climax. This workshop uses superhero storytelling to deliver you to new ways of communicating real challenges, forming outside the box strategies, and devising ways to
take down the “villain” that is afflicting your company, your team, yourself.

The craft of pitching—and refining the elements that make up a pitch that is truly great—carries an explosively liberating potential to challenge and elevate the direction and core deliverables of a project
or organization. In this funny and authentic keynote speech these longtime collaborators draw on their pitching in Hollywood and teaching writing in the college classroom to convey how finding the
right way to convey an idea can improve and often re-define the idea itself.

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