Clare Vanderpool’s much-lauded, Newbery-award-winning Moon Over Manifest (published in Italy as L’indimenticabile estate di Abilene Tucker (Giralangolo)) has been acclaimed yet again, as the winner of an Italian literature award, and finalist for two others.

Most exciting of all, Clare was in Italy to accept the Premio Andersen in person for L’indimenticabile estate de Abilene Tucker, in the “12 and Older” category. The Premio Andersen is a prestigious Italian award given to children’s books, their authors, illustrators and publishers. The jury is made up of the editors of Andersen Magazine and the founders of the Library of the Boys of Milan, and pays particular attention to the most innovative and original works.

The Italian translation of Moon Over Manifest was also a finalist in two separate student-voted awards: “Il gigante delle Langhe” National Award for Children’s Literature, and the 2012 Sardegna National Award for Children’s Literature.