Representing ADULT Fiction/Nonfiction and SELECT YA Authors


Brenna English-Loeb joined Transatlantic in 2019 after working for several years at Janklow & Nesbit Associates and Writers House, where she had the pleasure of working with New York Times bestselling and award-winning authors across multiple genres. Brenna grew up in beautiful Upstate New York and studied English and Theatre at Bucknell University. 

Brenna is also the owner of BEL Tower Editorial, where she works with authors as a developmental editor on such big-picture issues as world-building, plot and character development, pacing and theme, among other areas of concern, such as query and synopsis critiques.


Brenna is currently closed to submissions.


Brenna has always gravitated to unique stories with a strong point of view. She is specifically looking for works of adult and select YA science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romcom and gothic horror. She’s interested in crime and suspense that does not center the police, military or state intelligence agencies and Westerns from a queer and/or BIPOC POV.

She loves character-driven space operas, rare myth and fairy tale retellings, nature survival stories, epistolary novels, and heists. She also has a soft spot for stories that blend multiple genres and she is always looking for works by underrepresented groups and identities.

Aspects of a work that are sure to catch her eye include: sports, pilgrimages, bog bodies, gothic and evocative atmospheres, relationship-driven plots, a sense of adventure, and narratives that reveal a deep knowledge of a particular subject. She also loves old tropes made new again, unreliable narrators, the age of sail and power imbalances.

For nonfiction: Brenna is looking for serious, groundbreaking sociological work that holds our culture up to the magnifying glass. She also loves accounts of historical events and people that deserve to be better known, as well as unusual and influential object histories.

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  • Abbott, Elizabeth
  • Campbell, Melodie
  • Dimova, Genoveva
  • Doughty, Kathleen
  • Goldberg, Chris
  • Gould, Rebecca Ruth
  • Hess, R. Renee
  • Jones, Scott Alexander
  • Krotz, Larry
  • Kwan, Andrew Sebastian
  • Mattson, Greggor
  • Molnar, Petra
  • Monnier-Jones, Monique
  • Perez, Sabina
  • Pladek, B.
  • Sampson, Mark
  • Wilson, Joseph