Representing Adult Authors AND CHILDREN’S LIT


Ed Maxwell began his career in book publishing in 2011, as an assistant at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Inc., working closely with Faith Hamlin for several years, before becoming a full agent in 2019. Ed is thrilled to have joined Transatlantic in the fall of 2022.

Ed has always favoured representing visual storytellers and their captivating art-driven literature to publishers. Standout titles and authors include Feminist Baby by Loryn Brantz, Queer Love in Color by Jamal Jordan, The Fisherman and the Whale by Jessica Lanan, In Limbo by Deb JJ Lee, and the forthcoming picture book, Willow’s Winter Walk by Stevie Lewis.

Ed also represents adult non-fiction writers who are determined to break apart conventional wisdoms in favour of brighter futures. With extensive professional experience in politics, Ed aims to bring the best of a civic mentality to agenting – to make good, sustainable connections for his clients, holistically represent their interests, and help grow their work, one conversation at a time.

Ed holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from New York University, with a focus in the 20th century political history of the Navajo Nation. Ed lives in Brooklyn, and when he’s not negotiating on behalf of his clients, he’s either shopping at a farmers market or shepherding his daughter from school to a playground.

As an agent of Transatlantic, Ed is piling his desk with the work of award-winning and reader-beloved storytellers.


Please *only submit* – attached as a pdf to a brief email introducing yourself, including “Query” in the subject line – the first four pages of your graphic novel, self-illustrated or composed in equal partnership with an artist or text author, or your complete graphic novel proposal, again self-illustrated or composed in equal partnership with an artist or text author; or your self-illustrated picture book manuscript, comprising at least two pages of full-color illustrations. Ed is not considering unsolicited fiction or unsolicited nonfiction submissions at this time.


  • Kit Anderson
  • Loryn Brantz
  • Mercedes Campos-Lopez
  • Cat Fitzpatrick
  • Sunshine Gao
  • Jamal Jordan
  • Alex Krokus
  • Caitlin Kuhwald
  • Jessica Lanan
  • Deb JJ Lee
  • Stevie Lewis
  • Sanni McCandless Honnold
  • Dan McCloskey
  • Kyla Schuller
  • Daryl Seitchick
  • Bishakh Som
  • C.A.P. Ward
  • K. Wroten