Representing Adult Fiction/Nonfiction Authors


Samantha Haywood is open to submissions. Submission guidelines can be found below.

Samantha Haywood’s submission mandates include:

Plurality of voices, stories and authors of all backgrounds are encouraged! Originality and diversity in my client list is the objective.

Fiction Mandates: Literary fiction to upmarket commercial fiction of all types. Getting more specific, yes to: smart contemporary fiction, upmarket women’s fiction, upmarket escapist fiction, crossover/hybrid style novels, and sophisticated novels with speculative or horror elements with a genre slant. Yes to literary thrillers and upmarket mystery. Witty, sharp, biting or satirical elements also welcome, especially when it comes to socio-political issues including class and late-stage capitalism. Yes also to fiction which examines identity, gender/sexuality and/or racism through a unique lens. 

Nonfiction Mandates: Narrative nonfiction preferred, big idea nonfiction, especially on culturally relevant topics such as feminism, environmentalism, Indigenous issues, societal inequities with forecasts for progress. Some prescriptive, inspirational and motivational nonfiction, matched with expertise and platform, and preferably personal story woven throughout. Yes also to investigative reportage; historical narratives handled in refreshing ways, true crime with societal implications and occasionally an outstanding memoir (must be truly original or well-known subjects). Essentially, I’m looking for a strong narrative drive and distinctive voice at all times.

Graphic Novels (fiction/non-fiction): Preferably full length graphic novels with author and illustrator as one creator, or already teamed-up. Graphic novel memoirs, biographies, travel narratives and other nonfiction graphica also welcome.

Guidelines: Submissions queries via email only to Authors are encouraged to email a cover letter with a sample/excerpt of the book in question. Please submit a maximum of 20 pages. Embed the sample/excerpt into the email after the cover letter. Graphic novel submissions may include an attachment. Please submit an author bio/publishing history and a synopsis. 

Please note if other agents are also considering the project and please do not submit to me if you have already submitted to another Transatlantic Agent.

Due to the volume of submissions received, replies will be sent for only those submissions being actively considered.


Samantha Haywood has been the President of the Transatlantic Agency since 2017. She has extensive experience selling authors in North America for publication and TV/film representation. She launched her client list with Transatlantic Agency in 2004 after working in the international rights departments of Random House of Canada Ltd and WCA Ltd. Samantha represents a diverse and vibrant client list of novelists, memoirists, investigative journalists, graphic novelists, cookbook authors and thought leaders. Samantha represents international rights for the renown publisher, Drawn & Quarterly. She is also a founding member and former President of PACLA, the Professional Association of Canadian Literary Agents.

Some of her notable literary fiction clients include: Khaled Hosseini (THE KITE RUNNER), Iain Reid (I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS), Zoe Whittall (THE BEST KIND OF PEOPLE), Elisabeth de Mariaffi (HYSTERIA), Catherine Hernandez (SCARBOROUGH), Shauna Singh Baldwin (THE SELECTOR OF SOULS), Shani Mootoo (POLAR VORTEX), Miranda Hill (SLEEPING FUNNY), Katherine Ashenburg (SOFIE & CECILIA), Jen Sookfong Lee (THE CONJOINED), Marni Jackson (DON’T I KNOW YOU?), Susan Swan (THE DEAD CELEBRITIES CLUB), Amanda Leduc (THE CENTAUR’S WIFE), Kai Thomas (IN THE UPPER COUNTRY), Chelene Knight (JUNIE), Megan Gail Coles (SMALL GAME HUNTING AT THE LOCAL COWARD GUN CLUB), Canisia Lubrin (CODE NOIR) and Gary Barwin (YIDDISH FOR PIRATES and NOTHING THE SAME, EVERYTHING HAUNTED). 

Some of her notable commercial fiction authors include: Amy Stuart (A DEATH AT THE PARTY), Marissa Stapley (THE LAST RESORT and LUCKY), Nathan Ripley aka Naben Ruthnum (FIND YOU IN THE DARK and A HERO OF OUR TIME), Kate Hilton (THE HOLE IN THE MIDDLE), Joanna Goodman (THE HOME FOR UNWANTED GIRLS), Elizabeth Renzetti (BASED ON A TRUE STORY), and the Estate of A.S.A Harrison (THE SILENT WIFE). 

Some of her narrative nonfiction clients include: Jesse Thistle (FROM THE ASHES), Jean Teillet (THE NORTH-WEST IS OUR MOTHER), Samra Zafar (A GOOD WIFE), Plum Johnson (THEY LEFT US EVERYTHING), Eliza Reid (SECRETS OF THE SPRAKKAR), Angela Sterritt (UNBROKEN), Prince Shakur (WHEN THEY TELL YOU TO BE GOOD), Samra Habib (WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE), Rowan Jetté Knox (ONE SUNNY AFTERNOON), Brandi Morin (OUR VOICE OF FIRE), Rachel Giese (BOYS: What it Means to Become a Man), Stacey May Fowles (BASEBALL LIFE ADVICE), Emily Urquhart (BEYOND THE PALE), Clara Hughes (OPEN HEART, OPEN MIND), Kevin Donovan (THE BILLIONAIRE MURDERS) and David Macfarlane (THE DANGER TREE). 

Some of her graphic novelist clients include: Ani Castillo (PING), Robin Ha (ALMOST AMERICAN GIRL), Michael Cho (SHOPLIFTER), Scott Chantler (BIX), and Sarah Leavitt (AGNES MURDERESS) among others. 

Some of her cookbook authors include: Sam Turnbull (CRAVING VEGAN), Sara Lynn Cauchon (THE DOMESTIC GEEK’S MEALS MADE EASY) and Pailin Chongchitnant (SABAI).