The Adult Division of Transatlantic represents multiple award-winning and best-selling authors, such as Iain Reid, Zoe Whittall, Katherena Vermette, Kathleen Winter, Karma Brown, Linden MacIntyre, Samra Zafar, Shelley Wood, Gary Barwin, Naben Ruthnum, and Marissa Stapley. For a full list of the Adult Division’s clients please click on authors.

Founded twenty years ago, the Adult Division is committed to promoting and supporting the careers of a diverse and innovative group of authors by selling into the United States, the UK and Canada, as well as into translation territories such as Europe, South America and Asia. Our agents are active on the book-to-tv side working with coagents in Los Angeles and New York and directly with producers in Canada.

The Adult Division’s hands-on approach to agenting draws on the broad experience of its eleven agents and is bolstered by weekly meetings as well as face-to-face meetings with co-agents, producers and editors at major trade fairs in Frankfurt, New York and London.

The Adult Division’s team of literary agents, based in New York (Brenna English-Loeb, Andrea Cascardi, Tim Travaglini), Toronto (Samantha Haywood, Carolyn Forde, Marilyn Biderman, Rob Firing, Amy Tompkins, Leonicka Valcius, and Evan Brown), Vancouver (Laura Cameron, Chelene Knight), Portland OR (Sandra Bishop, Fiona Kenshole), and Los Angeles (Amanda Orozco) cover the full spectrum of genres from social history, memoir, prescriptive nonfiction (business/inspirational/coaching and leadership), commercial and book club fiction, literary/suspense fiction, thriller, science fiction, romance and fantasy and many others. They are always on the lookout for career-oriented writers.

For the submission guidelines for each Adult Division agent, please click on the agent’s name or submission guidelines.