The Transatlantic Agency has launched its Media & TV/Film Division to further expand its reputation across the entertainment industry as a valuable source of underlying IP. Agents at Transatlantic take a bespoke approach to each of their projects, including working with Hollywood talent agencies, going directly to producers, and partnering with in-house TV/film agents Laura Cameron and Samantha Haywood.

Transatlantic is developing a boutique client list of screenwriters—many of whom are already agency author clients—such as Catherine Hernandez, whose feature film Scarborough, adapted by Hernandez from her award-winning debut novel, won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Motion Picture in 2022. Other screenwriting clients include Iain Reid, Naben Ruthnum, Kristina Fithern-Stiele, Zalika Reid-Benta, Tim Fontaine, Marissa Stapley and Elisabeth de Mariaffi. In addition to writing adaptations of their own work, these select clients have original series and feature films in development and are available for writing rooms.

The Transatlantic Agency’s Media & TV/Film Division, both on its own and in association with talent agencies, has negotiated more than one hundred book-to-TV/film deals in the past few years for scripted, unscripted and animated features and series. Recent adaptations include Charlie Kaufman’s Netflix feature film adaptation of Iain Reid’s bestselling novel, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, and the Amazon production of his internationally bestselling grounded sci-fi novel, Foe, from Academy Award-winning director Garth Davis, starring Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescal and Aaron Pierre.

Blink49 Studios Joint Venture
In 2023, Transatlantic announced a partnership with Blink49 Studios to develop and produce original content for the international marketplace. This exciting joint venture creates opportunities for our author and screenwriter clients to have greater ownership in their work and influence over book adaptations, which is increasingly important to the artists we represent. We will always seek out the best creative alignment through our robust network of co-agents and production partners in addition to offering this unique avenue for our clients to retain a financial stake in the stories they create.

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