SPEAKERS DIVISION We represent some of the most exciting voices in North America and around the world. AL-SOLAYLEE Race, politics and the realities of being brown-skinned Find Out More KAMAL in the world today from award-winning author and Kamal Al-Solaylee celebrated Canadian journalist. Samra Zafar SAMRA ZAFAR Forced into marriage as a girl, her escape is a story of resilience, community, vulnerability and hope. Find Out More Sharon Bala SHARON BALA How do we treat refugees arriving in Canada? How much do luck and politics play into it? Stories of the lives of refugee arrivals. Find Out More Marc Lewis MARC LEWIS PhD How addiction works from a world-renowned neuroscientist and former addict. Find Out More PAULETTE BOURGEOIS Imagination is the key to creativity. One of the world’s most beloved children’s authors unlocks the secrets of building creative confidence in children. Find Out More Rachel Giese RACHEL GIESE The boys of today are the men of tomorrow. Join one of Canada’s most prominent journalists as she examines the politics of manliness, told from a mother’s point of view. Find Out More Zarqa Nawaz ZARQA NAWAZ “One very funny lady” shares her insights on her sometimes hilarious life growing up Muslim in Canada. Find Out More Harold Johnson HAROLD JOHNSON Fire Water: breaking down the realities and mythologies of alcohol abuse in Indigenous communities and beyond. Find Out More

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