Minelle Mahtani is an award-winning Muslim/Indian/Iranian academic, television/radio broadcaster and university administrator who implements successful and innovative equity, diversity and inclusion strategies.

Minelle’s expertise is in helping organizations understand equity through “stealth diversity” – rather than hitting folks on the head with theory-rich discussions of inequality, Minelle uses stories and examples to illuminate and shed light on the ways we all can approach our work with integrity, honesty, and tenderness. What does it mean to build an organization that is truly committed to equity, diversity and inclusion? Minelle’s experience as a television journalist, an award winning professor, author of two books on mixed race identity and consultant for governmental organizations and not for profits can help you and your organization approach equity with substance and generosity of spirit.

Speaking topics

Risk, Relation, Revolution, Repair: Helping Your Organization Think Through Equity

What does it mean to take risks, to consider relation, and move towards a kind of revolution in thinking about repair within our workplaces? Minelle shares a story about her own experiences in radio to help you approach equity with heart and passion and care. This 45 minute talk is a great way to help organizations set the stage for a diversity and inclusion plan and to help even the most diehard resistors think about their own relationship to equity and power. Some quotes about Minelle’s talk, here:

This was an incredibly moving sharing of a story that was mesmerizing, poetic, personal. Thank you for your vulnerability, generosity, your trust in sharing with us across this impersonal medium.”

Constellations of Care: Moving Beyond Equity 101

So, you have an equity plan. Now what? What are your challenges and opportunities as you think about next steps to ensure that you are creating inclusive spaces for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other systemically disadvantaged groups in your organization? Minelle will walk your group through some of the most helpful and advanced best practices that cutting-edge organizations are employing, drawing from her experience as senior advisor to the Provost on racialized faculty as well as her award-winning expertise as a professor at the Institute for Social Justice.

Minelle Mahtani at the Public Salon, Vancouver Playhouse Theatre

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