Dr. Yusra Ahmad, MD, FRCPC, is a community & academic psychiatrist in Toronto. with specific expertise in trauma, mood & anxiety disorders as well as SPMI (severe & persistent mental illness) populations. She believes in the power of psychotherapy to address the struggles that spring from the human condition and is dedicated to community work & advocacy around diverse issues such as marginalization, homelessness, poverty, refugee mental health, gender-based violence and the struggles of Muslim youth & families.
Dr. Ahmad created a trauma-informed group therapy program entitled Mindfully Muslim which blends mindfulness-based interventions with the sacred wisdom and teachings of Islam, which she presented at the 2019 World Psychiatric Association Congress on Religion & Psychiatry in Jerusalem. Because of this work, she was awarded the 2019 Breakout Community Psychiatry Advocacy Award by the Ontario Psychiatric Association & her program was profiled as the feature article, “Race, Religion & Mental Health”in the Black Lives Matter special edition of Chatelaine magazine. 

Dr. Ahmad embraces multifaith initiatives and has led prayers at the World Parliament of Religions in 2018 and in 2021. She served as a film consultant for the award-winning hit dramatic series, “Transplant,” which aired on CTV & NBC/Universal and “The Path Travels Me,” an independent Netflix film by Jasmin Mozaffari. She also served as a consultant for “I Don’t Know,” a theatre production by Syrian playwright, Ahmad Meree.

A poet at heart, Dr. Ahmad loves to live in between the lines because she believes a lot of power & beauty springs from these liminal spaces. She cares deeply about people and their stories.

Speaking topic

The Stories We Hold: Sharing Perspectives from the Intersection of Faith, Race, Gender & Mental Illness 

Dr. Yusra Ahmad (MD, FRCPC) shares her experiences, both personal and professional, in exploring some of the social and structural inequities of our current moment.

  • Why do we hold the perspectives that we do?
  • How can we overcome misunderstanding and heal division
  • Where do these divisions even come from and what purpose do you think they serve?
  • What do you think it’s like to be a Muslim today?
  • How might we better learn from each other?
  • What are 3 things you can do to learn more about Islam & Muslims?
  • What is your understanding of faith, culture & spirituality?
  • Even if you don’t identify with a particular religious tradition or don’t believe in God, do you believe faith & spirituality can be helpful?  Why or why not?


Mindfully Muslim Workshop: An Experiential Journey


Join Dr. Yusra Ahmad as she leads you through a guided meditation practice blending dua (supplication), zikr (remembrance of Allah), sacred verses & poetry. The practice will help you tune out the noise & turn inwards, cultivating greater self-awareness while anchoring you to your body & touching you to your core.

Selected media

Toronto Star article and video

Bell Media “Let’s Talk”

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