Ethan Lou invested in Bitcoin in 2013. Four years later, he founded Ocuis, a startup for generating cryptocurrency, or “mining,” in Calgary. Author of the firm’s popular cryptocurrency newsletter, Ethan also writes regularly in media, on digital money and other issues ranging from geopolitics to energy policy. His work has appeared in magazines including The Walrus and Maclean’s and newspapers such as the Toronto Star, the Washington Post and the Guardian. He is a former journalist with Reuters and the Star.

His book, Once a Bitcoin Miner, follows Ethan and his startup through the opulence of the Bitcoin boom and the darkness of its 2018 crash. The story unpacks the intrigue and mystery of the cryptocurrency world, taking readers deep into the lives of the misfits and rebels who rule that realm. Once a Bitcoin Miner ponders cryptocurrency’s future — full of potential, yet as unknowable as its murky origins.

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