Dr. Kimberly Fraser, author and speaker, is a champion for family caregiving.  As a nursing professor she studies and writes about family caregiving, home care, case management, and related health policy. She has used innovative and arts-based approaches in her applied research. Kim is particularly interested in the types of knowledge used to inform policy decisions that lead to better outcomes for home care clients and their family caregivers. A former Associate Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, and Clinician Scientist-Home Care with Alberta Health Services, Kim is not a contract professor with the Faculty of Health Studies at Athabasca University and devotes most of her full time work to writing and community board work.

Dr. Fraser has extensive clinical practice and leadership in home care, community health, and outpost nursing. A nurse entrepreneur, Kim owned We Care Home Health Services (Edmonton), among other companies, with her husband Don for 22 years. Kim held board positions, often in executive roles, with organizations that support home care and family caregiving. She is the current Vice-President with Caregivers Alberta and board member with Alberta Writer’s Guild. Kim is an advocate for quality home care for all Canadians delivered in environments that are respectful, supportive, and safe for clients, family caregivers, and paid providers alike. Kimberley’s book, The Accidental Caregiver: Challenges and Triumphs of Intimate Family Caregivers, will be published by Sutherland House in 2022.


Family Caregiving 
Growing trends in family caregiving and the impact it is having on couples, children, families, communities and society have garnered my focused attention as well as the attention of researchers just like me. With the spotlight, the COVID Pandemic shone on continuing care and family caregiving, it’s time to bring what we know to audiences around the globe as we press for creative solutions to a growing societal issue. Family caregivers are resilient and resourceful in their caregiving, but there work is largely unsupported. Kim will provide an up close and personal look at the real life experience as shared with her by more than 75 family caregivers. She engages audiences in meaningful discussions as they consider what their own approach to family caregiving might look like.

Kim tailors her talks to any audience using a variety of interactive activities depending on the format and audience needs.

Caring and Compassionate Service Delivery

Identify what you need to change to develop your staff into an army of carers and develop your plan to make it happen. If you are an organization who services a client base of older persons or those with certain needs, Kim can help you make a difference in the lives of your clients or residents and the family caregivers who support them. With Kim’s experience of employing thousands of health care and support staff she can share tried and true measures that are cost-effective and implementable for you and meaningful to the people in your care.

Business and Entrepreneurship
Private enterprise within public systems: Not for the faint of heart

Stories from the Inside: Where values often meet but egos can collide.

Are you thinking about starting a health care business?

Kim can help! This session will enlighten the audience with realities of private enterprise within publicly funded health and education systems. Kim offers both entrepreneurs and socialpreneurs an opportunity to rethink their vision and question the feasibility, marketability, and profitability of their business ideas in order to make them work!

Sessions are perfect for folks who have a business concept that they can refine throughout Kim’s practical, hands-on offerings.

Nurse entrepreneurship
What makes nurses a great fit for business? How do you know business is for you? Kim will share her experiences as a nurse entrepreneur from the education and health sectors, growing two successful businesses as she leads you to consider what it takes for success in highly competitive market places.

Kim developed a unique approach to goal setting and creative visualization. Regardless of the topic, you will leave with a plan. Workshops are offered as half day or full day events. Perfect for a creative pre-conference activity within any sector!

  • Strategic planning and development sessions for small and medium sized private or not-for-profit organizations
  • Career Planning and Coaching for Nurses
  • Creative visioning for personal growth
  • Creative visioning for goal realization for yourself or your business
  • Creativity visioning and coaching for writers, bloggers, or art journalists