Thom Ernst is a Toronto based film critic, writer and broadcaster. His knowledge and enthusiasm for movies has earned him the reputation as being a champion of all cinema. He is well known to CBC Radio listeners for his lively contributions to CBC Radio Fresh Air, CBC Metro Morning, and CBC Radio Syndication. He was also the on-air reviewer film for CTV New Channel, CBC’s PLAY, TVO’s More To LifeStudio 2, and The Agenda with Steve Paikin. Thom is perhaps best remembered as the congenial host, interviewer and producer of televisions’ longest running movie program Saturday Night at the Movies.

Thom is called upon by festivals, private corporations and media throughout North America and beyond to talk about film in its many forms, and as an emcee and professional interviewer. He has had conversations with some of the biggest names in entertainment and the arts: Peter Fonda, Cybil Shephard, George Segal, Paul Williams and Oliver Stone, to name but a few.

Previous talks include:

  • How to Love Musicals Without Really Trying – a video enhanced celebration of my love for musicals.
  • Women in Cinema – Ten of the most influential Women in cinema (currently with slides but can be re done with film clips)
  • Movies’ Best Kisses – a look at the Hollywood Kiss
  • Alfred Hitchcock – an overview of an auteur
  • 15 years of Interviews in Hollywood – A discussion of the best, worst, most interesting, most difficult interviews with Hollywood stars, producers, screenwriters and directors


Making Movies the Canadian Way

Barrie Film Festival – How to Love Musicals w/o Really Trying

CBC Radio – Religon in Film

This Movie’s About You – Actor, Musician, Author Joel Thomas Hynes

This Movie’s About You – Radio Host, Music Programmer, Jaymz B

This Movie’s About You – Under the Influence Host, Author, Speaker, Terry O’Reilly


“If you want someone to talk about film and make it both fun and erudite, look no further than Thom Ernst.”
Mark Breslin
Founder and Ownder Yuk Yuk’s

“Thom Ernst backs up his tremendous knowledge of film with a remarkable ability to personalize each and every film discussion he has with our guests. His curiosity and love of film and the stories behind filmmaking shines through. Both the talent he poses his questions and the audience in attendance are often caught up in his excitement, which has resulted in unforgettable moments and experiences at our festival that are too numerous to count.”
Patrick O’Hearn
Managing Director

“Thom Ernst is a charming and warm presenter who manages to marry an extensive, almost encyclopaedic knowledge of film with infectious enthusiasm and a natural ability to make audiences and filmmakers alike feel comfortable, inquisitive and engaged. Simply put, Thom loves movies. His approachable style and genuine curiosity invites people to share in his excitement and joy of film.”
Megan Sirett
Associate Director

“Thom has an informative and contagious enthusiasm for film that is easly passed on to his audience.” 
Richard Crouse
Host of CTV’s Pop Life
Film Critic

“Thom Ernst is one of the most thoughtful and entertaining voices in Canadian film discussion and presentation today. I’ve had the privilege of being interviewed both on Television and Radio by Thom and it was one of the most interesting and insightful conversations I have ever had.”
Kelly Michael Stewart
Festival Director, Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival

“Thom Ernst is the host with the most! His years as host of TVO’s celebrated Saturday Night at the Movies gives him brand-name recognition and respect among movie-lovers, who know that Thom knows his stuff! Thom has a warmth and a breadth of knowledge that makes him a dream to work with and, best of all, he is a storyteller who can entertain audiences while educating them, too. When we are looking for a host to present a film or a festival, Thom Ernst is at the top of our list.”
John and Wendy Tutt,
Princess Cinemas, Waterloo, Ontario
KW’s Premiere Art House Since 1985

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