Jennifer Crawford is a public policy professional turned food creative after winning the 2019 season of MasterChef Canada. On top of being an enthusiastic eater & chef, Jennifer brings a bold, candid and engaging look at mental health, addiction, self-compassion and joy.

Jennifer spent a lifetime in a state of panicked overachieving and building what looked to be a successful life and career in public policy. They soon found their way to rock bottom via their own crushing experiences with PTSD and alcoholism; turns out, this feeling that it was all over would be the catalyst for all the good things to come.

Jennifer’s main message today is one of self-love, acceptance and nurturing joy; if there’s anything Jennifer loves more than smashing a whole pizza to themselves, it’s smashing stigma. Since winning MasterChef Canada, they’ve been busy sharing the message through food events and speaking engagements that healing is available to us all, no matter how bad its been; the things that take us down can become our superpowers.

Jennifer’s path has been anything but linear, but isn’t that all of life? Originally from rural Nova Scotia, they stressfully over-achieved their way through a few degrees and half a PhD in Social & Political Thought before dropping out (pivoting?) to pursue a public policy career. Along the way, they ran a women’s centre, worked at a feminist economics organization, and had stints training as a powerlifter, varsity rugby player, amateur boxer, and pro-wrestler.

These days, they are often sought-after to discuss the intersections of gender and food, after their own “gender repeal” cake went viral. They identify as non-binary, queer, and in recovery. Their love for food is unmatched only by their love for people and building community.

Favourite speaking topics:

Mental health and food
Emotional wellness, innovation and creativity in the workplace
Creativity and healing from PTSD
Alcoholism, addiction and recovery
Culinary queerness and community

Selected media:
Baking Beyond the Binary with Jennifer Crawford

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