About Patti Hone

Normally, I start my bio with “work” credentials but since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, having endured seven surgeries, I am now sharing my journey. I start my bio with Breast Cancer Fighter, Survivor and Speaker. I will take you and your audience through a very candid but humourous and “uplifting” journey from my diagnosis through surgery and recovery showing you that cancer is but a chapter in one’s life…it is not the whole story! Tatacancer.wordpress.com will give you an insight into my journey of discovery, growth perseverance and success. Hope you can join me on this rollercoaster ride.With twenty-five years of advertising experience and a proven track record, Patti provides As You Like It’s clients with complete marketing and communication services.Patti began her career as a copywriter before undertaking the position of Marketing Director for a national chain of drug stores. On the agency side, Patti specializes in retail and franchise accounts, where her creative campaigns have won over eighty advertising and marketing awards for her clients.

In addition to managing and directing all agency projects, Patti is very involved in the Canadian Franchise Association, having served on the Board of Directors for eight years. Patti also has monthly columns in many industry magazines and newsletters. The recent publication Canada’s Guide to Franchising features Patti’s chapter on marketing and advertising for franchisees.

Patti is a popular speaker at conferences, trade shows and industry events speaking about branding, growth, customer service and loyalty and franchising. Her enthusiasm and real life experience translates into an entertaining and very informative program that has been sought out by companies across North America to bring their brands to life.


SPEAKING TOPICS—living with cancer

Ten Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone with Cancer….But you Did!

We’ve all been there. Faced with a situation or conversation that we are uncomfortable with. You try to say the “right” thing but find yourself with your foot
in your mouth. In this educational and humorous session, Patti addresses the elephant in the room….CANCER. Having survived breast cancer she shares her
experiences with the awkwardness she has encountered with friends, family and colleagues. Communication, tolerance and patience is key to dealing with anyone who is fighting cancer or any illness or life trauma. Attendees will learn, laugh and leave feeling better about themselves and each other.

Excuse Me…I Have What?
What do you do when out of the blue life throws you a curve ball and stops you dead in your tracks? How do you cope? How do you pull yourself out from under the bus that just hit you and not only survive….but THRIVE. Patti will share her journey with breast cancer with you. The ups and downs. The triumphs and failures and how she managed to turn a devastating illness and recovery into a life-changing inspirational journey. Attendees will leave feeling inspired, energized and focused on making their futures the best they can be.

We all Have a Wonder Woman Inside Us.
If you or someone you know has ever had to face an illness, a death or any kind of setback or trauma; you know that it can be hard to find the strength to push through. Patti Hone, having faced breast cancer, a double mastectomy and seven reconstructive surgeries will share how she found that inner light and the spark to keep her going on some very difficult days, weeks and months. “Wonder Woman for me is not a fictional character. She is a mindset.” Attendees will hear and see how Patti has not only survived but Thrived after cancer. her presentations are inspiring, energizing, humorous and real. Audiences will leave with the assurance that they too can conquer anything life throws at them because we all have a super hero inside us.

I’m Still ME…Aren’t I?
Patti Hone was a successful, award winning creative director, author and speaker. She was confident and self assured…until she was diagnosed with cancer. After a double mastectomy and seven reconstructive surgeries she felt she no longer knew who she was. Was she still the same woman or had cancer destroyed an integral part of her? In this session, Patti shares how she found herself again. How she overcame her fears and anxieties and rediscovered her “real” self. She shares tools and advice on how to find confidence and strength within ourselves to face any fear…whether it be public speaking, interviewing for a new job or even asking someone on a date. Funny, real and motivational, Patti makes everyone feel comfortable and confident to face any challenge.

Control Yourself. Alter Your Thinking. Delete Negativity
This is Patti Hone’s mantra. It’s what she strives to do everyday as she deals with the ramifications of a double mastectomy and seven reconstructive surgeries. We all face hurdles/traumas in our lives. No one goes through their entire life unscathed, but it is how we deal with these obstacles that matters. Patti speaks candidly about her journey with cancer; the physical, emotional and mental pain she had to endure. She shares real life experiences and the tools to help us all face whatever hurdles are put before us. We all have the ability and strength within us to battle on. Patti’s story and life experience is educational, relatable, inspirational and memorable.

SPEAKING TOPICS—marketing and branding


What’s Your Brand Really Worth?

Have you ever wondered what makes one business stand out from the rest? Why do customers choose one over another when so many offer the same things? The answer is branding. So what does it mean and how can you utilize it? In this presentation Patti will give you an inside look at how to create, implement and sustain a successful brand while inspiring all stakeholders to want to be part of that brand!

Service Please!

A well branded company typically relies on service as a way to promote and maintain their competitive edge. So what does service mean to you? And does everyone in your organization understand and feel the same way? In this presentation you will learn about the key elements that make up good SERVICE: Spirit; Enthusiasm; Responsibility: Visibility: Interest; Communication; Excellence. SERVICE and what it stands for are paramount to the success of your brand and ultimately your business.

Back to Basics: Marketing with a Human Touch

In this day and age of technology, smart phones, texting, Instagram, Facebook, etc., have we lost the art of face to face communication and customer service? Are we depending on technology too much and are we losing the art of personal service versus personalized messaging without human contact? In this presentation you will learn tips on building customer relationships, how to communicate with your customers so you meet and exceed their expectations and how to make them feel valued so they in turn will value and frequent your business.

Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em. Why Customers Don’t Come Back

You did your marketing well. You offered your customers great value for money, greeted them in a courteous manner, ensured they were well looked after and thanked them on the way out. You did everything right….right? There’s a difference between satisfaction and loyalty with customers. In this presentation you will not only learn the difference, you will learn how to identify customer’s needs, not only meet them BUT exceed them in order to create loyalty that lasts.

You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression…so it Better Be A Good One!

How are you representing yourself in business, school, in the community…in life? What impression are you making on others? Are you being perceived in a positive light? In this presentation you will learn the importance of personal branding. How to engage in meaningful conversations. How to feel confident and in control in every meeting and interaction with others. You will learn simple skills to help you connect on a more meaningful level with others and ensure that your meetings and more importantly YOU are memorable.