The Silent WifeIt’s undoubtedly one of the hottest books this summer, and yet it’s not one of the big household-name blockbusters you’d expect: it’s a paperback original by a debut fiction author, and Canadian at that. The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison is being called “this year’s Gone Girl” – only better – by media across North America, and the sales are beginning to prove it.

The Silent Wife, on the New York Times bestseller list since August 4. Reviews consistently rave about this psychological thriller done right: “thrill-ride of a debut” says the Globe and Mail, and “it’s a deliciously dark tale, smarter, more layered and insightful than standard genre fare” writes Maclean’s. Rarely does a sleeper hit like this climb the ranks among some of the biggest writers and the most anticipated releases of the year. The New York Times profiled the novel and the late Ms. Harrison’s success in a piece about the incredible momentum after just one month on-sale. With over 31,000 copies in print in Canada and 144,000 in the US, the ride has just begun.

More Praise for The Silent Wife (PDF)