Korean rights for Kathleen Winter’s Award winning debut novel, ANNABEL, have been sold to Jaeum & Moeum by Shaun Bradley.

World Rights Available Ex:
Canada (English): House of Anansi; UK(incl. Aus/NZ): Jonathan Cape; US (English): Grove Atlantic; Brazil: Novo Fronteira; China (simplified rights): Beijing Green Beans Books Company; China (complex rights): Ten Points Publishing; France (ex. Quebec): Editions Christian Bourgois; Germany: btb (Random House); Hebrew: Matar Publishing House; Italy: Bompiani; Netherlands: The House of Books; Norway: Forlaget Oktober; Portugal: ASA Editores; Quebec: Editions Du Boreal; Romania: Polirom; Spain (including Basque edition): Erein Argitaletxea; Sweden: Kabusa; Audio, North America: Recorded Books; Korea, Jauem & Moeum.