Open Heart, Open MindTransatlantic is very proud to be bringing Canadian Olympic champion, Clara Hughes‘ inspiring story to readers all over the country. Clara Hughes is the only athlete in history to have ever won multiple medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. She is also one of Canada’s most passionate and inspiring advocates for mental health.

In her forthcoming memoir, Open Heart, Open Mind,  from Simon & Schuster Canada (English) and Éditions Libre Expression (French) scheduled for September 2015, Clara shares her
remarkable journey to becoming an elite athlete and her turbulent but ultimately redemptive relationship with her family. With over twenty years competing in the endurance sports of speed skating and cycling, Clara speaks candidly about her personal triumph over physical and mental pain and her many successes and struggles both on and off the track. “I want to share my experience,” she says. “Hopefully it will encourage people to better understand the struggle of mental illness and most importantly let people know they are not alone.” Told with honesty, passion, and humour, Clara’s story is sure to touch the hearts of all Canadians.

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