Circle of Stones cover imageTransatlantic is thrilled to celebrate the launch of Suzanne Alyssa Andrew’s debut novel, CIRCLE OF STONES – (Film/TV rights available. World rights: Dundurn)— by sharing some of the impressive media attention the book has received so far.

“Circle of Stones is a stunning reading experience, a novel that spans the country, evoking the goth clubs of Ottawa as strongly as it does the beachfront communities of Vancouver Island (where the author grew up), bringing to life a panoply of characters, any one of whom could anchor a novel in their own right. Despite the complexities of the structure, the novel is easily accessible, owing largely to the crystalline quality of Andrew’s prose, her deft skill with detail and setting, and the accessibility, the humanity, of her characters.”–Vancouver Sun

“A stunning mosaic, where isolated individuals are intriguingly interwined.” –National Post

“Characters are startlingly realized in vivid, stark lines. The reader is amazed all these people… have been born from just one writer’s pen.” –Pickle Me This

“In Circle of Stones, Andrew has taken an innovative approach to a timeless subject.” –Quill and Quire

“Suzanne Alyssa Andrew’s novel reveals the secret lives of the almost-invisible strangers we encounter every day—the timid elderly woman next door, the sullen street kid, the stone-faced government worker—and traces the hidden connections among them. In this enthralling, character-driven book, nobody is quite as they seem, and routine interactions have surprising layers of meaning. Andrew brings a sweet vulnerability to her unwittingly entwined protagonists, and sets a compelling mystery at the heart of it all.” -Jessica Westhead, author of And Also Sharks and Pulpy & Midge

“Suzanne Alyssa Andrew’s writing is sinuous, polished and deceptively simple, drawing you closer to her characters, their fears and longings, and all the mysteries they are trying to penetrate. This novel is a dragonfly’s view on a complex story of love, loss, and art, in twelve chapters. I enjoyed the shifting point of view because it makes the reading experience both exciting and challenging—as a reader, I was also a fully engaged participant in the novel, finding connections, and empathy, with and for the characters.” -Rebecca Rosenblum, author of Once and The Big Dream