they-left-us-everythingUS rights for THEY LEFT US EVERYTHING by Plum Johnson, published by Penguin Canada — winner of the 2015 RBC Charles Taylor Prize for literary nonfiction and nominated for the 2015 Leacock Medal for Humour — to Sara Minnich at G. P. Putnam’s Sons by Samantha Haywood. Publication is scheduled for Summer 2016.  The book chronicles the author’s undertaking to sort and empty her beloved childhood home after the death of her elderly parents, a task that triggers difficult memories and unearths new facts, ultimately allowing her to reconcile her relationship with her mother and come to a richer understanding of her family history, and herself.

Plum Johnson is an award-winning author, artist, and entrepreneur living in Toronto. She was the founder of KidsCanada Publishing Corp., publisher of KidsToronto; and co-founder of Help’s Here! resource magazine for seniors & caregivers.