On April 11, 2015, Patty Lakin gave a seminar on biography writing to the SCBWI Japan members. Transatlantic Agency is very pleased that SCBWI Japan has granted us permission to share an excerpt of the fantastic review that one member wrote about Patty’s presentation.

Wisdom from Patricia Lakin: Making Dead People Come to Life and So Much More

Guest post by Mari Boyle, Tokyo, Japan

To be honest I’ve never thought about writing biographies, so the SCBWI event on April 11, 2015, was the perfect opportunity for me to learn about the subject from veteran expert Patricia Lakin, or Patty, as she prefers. A prolific writer, Patty, at a youthful 71 years, has authored a number of biographies, including Steve Jobs: Thinking Differently, and six books for the noteworthy “Ready-to-Read” series, all published by Simon & Schuster.

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