BSDeadMansSwitchCongratulations to Sigmund Brouwer, winner of the 2015 Arthur Ellis Award in the Best Juvenile/YA category for his YA novel DEAD MAN’S SWITCH. DEAD MAN’S SWITCH is published by Harvest House.

Messages can be sent in many ways. From a method as ancient as a carving on a tree, to lettering in plain view that just needs to be seen in a different light. To binary digits sent through cyberspace. To a video from a friend. King knows this, because he’s been getting those messages. Here’s what’s different. The messagesBMFace-OffCov to King started with emails that his friend sent him two weeks after his friend drowned trying to escape the island, an island that houses a prison with some of the most dangerous men in the country. The most urgent message is this:  “Trust no authorities. They will hunt you too.” When King becomes the hunted, he is trapped on the same island, where he can trust no one. Not even his father.

Transatlantic also congratulates Michael Betcherman, whose YA novel FACE-OFF (Penguin Canada), was also shortlisted in the Best Juvenile/YA category.

The Arthur Ellis Awards are given out by the Crime Writers of Canada for excellence in Canadian crime writing.