HCOpenHeartcovtifWe are thrilled to celebrate the launch of Clara Hughes’ memoir, OPEN HEART, OPEN MIND. This highly anticipated memoir is a must read!

Ahead of publication, here is what people have to say:

“An amazing athlete, a great person, and a wonderful motivating example for all!” -Joé Juneau, ice hockey Olympic medalist and former NHL player

“Clara Hughes is both an extraordinary and an ordinary Canadian. This honest memoir reveals the determination of a champion to overcome external adversity and internal struggles, finding her place as an athlete, an advocate, and a person.” -Dr. David Goldbloom, Senior Medical Advisor, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

“Clara’s story is just like her: It is energetic, strong, full of character, and very powerful. You really feel the determination within her and you cannot fail to wish you could award her another gold medal for the way she turned her life around and makes it her duty to help others.”-Gaétan Boucher, speed skating Olympic medalist

“Clara brings us along on her journey from childhood to her incredible Olympic success, through her victories and her failures, all while dealing with her own personal torment. I now believe Clara to be superhuman, not for her incredible Olympic success and athletic feats, but for her dogged battle against depression, first for herself and now for the rest of us through her advocacy work. I couldn’t stop reading.” -Johann Koss, CEO, Right to Play International

Clara will be featured on CBC’s The National, in the Toronto Star on September 5th, interviewed on TSN radio, with dozens of other media appearances to come during the week of September 8th.

We are very proud to congratulate Clara on another huge accomplishment!