bmheinrichschlogelcovfrThe French edition of THE SEARCH FOR HEINRICH SCHLOGEL by Martha Baillie published this week on September 14, 2016 with Lemeac Editeur! The novel tells a sophisticated story with magical underpinnings about a young man who escapes the claustrophobia of small-town Germany by traveling to Canada, where he sets out on a long solo hike into the interior of Baffin Island; while he is hiking, time plays tricks on him and when he returns he discovers that thirty years have vanished and time has sped forward to 2010.

The 2014 Globe 100 List 

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Praise and Reviews

“The use of an unreliable narrator has a point here: Baillie is turning the tables on the European, who has taken the place usually held by the “native” as specimen of study. The result is a philosophic, absorbing read on photography, the North, colonialism, ethnography, and the nature of time.” – Globe & Mail 

“Taken together (book, online archive, gallery exhibit), The Search for Heinrich Schlögel achieves a kind of ethics of memory, in which what is remembered is never certain and so not owned by the person attempting to remember.” – Brick Magazine

Rights Sold: Lemeac Editeur, North America (French); Pedlar Press, Canada (English); Tin House Books, United States (English)