We always appreciate the hard work our authors devote to writing the absolute best book they can. But, as most authors know, that’s just the beginning. Getting the word out about an upcoming release takes a lot of emotional energy, and a whole lot of hustle, long hours, & tons of good old fashioned hard work. And often, this all takes place during a long period of waiting accompanied by a hefty dose of wondering if any of it will make a difference.

So, when we see positive things happening as a result of an author’s hard work and the support of the marketing team who gets behind her ideas and is willing to invest and help break the marketing mold, we get pretty excited.

Check out the collaboration between author Rachel Macy Stafford, her publisher, and an award winning video company which resulted in this gorgeous, uplifting book promo:

GET OFF THE SCALE written & read aloud by Rachel Macy Stafford…

A stranger recently offered me an apology containing some of the most heartbreaking words I’d ever heard—words that indicated she was “too much” and “not enough,” all at the same time. I knew her words by heart. I’d inhabited them for nearly a lifetime. I can’t say exactly how many years it went on like that, but I can remember when I finally questioned it. This powerful shift led me to write a freeing manifesto for myself, for my children, for my sisters, and my brothers. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it could become THIS—an uplifting short film created by the Emmy Award winning SALT Project. As you will see, it features people just like us, people who are ready to live bravely, boldly, flawed & full of hope. I hand this piece of my heart over to you, my friends of The Hands Free Revolution. I know how fast and far you can spread good news, and I am counting on you today. Please share, tag a friend, or simply write, “It’s time.” It’s time to stop looking at all the things we’re not and start looking at all the things we are. Come as you are, beautiful souls. It’s time. #onlylovetoday #getoffthescale #comeasyouare #flawedandfullofhope * ‘Get Off the Scale’ Manifesto can be found in my new book: ONLY LOVE TODAY: Reminders to Breathe More, Stress Less, & Choose Love. I’d be grateful for your support ==> http://amzn.to/2auBHHj

Posted by The Hands Free Revolution on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Its release today undoubtedly helped her book, ONLY LOVE TODAY, become a #1 title on Amazon.

And new opportunities are still unfolding. For one, the author was invited by Barnes & Noble to pre-autograph 1,500 copies of the book for exclusive sale … available soon.

Congratulations, Rachel, and team. We’re excited that your hard work is getting the attention it deserves, and we’re very much looking forward to celebrating the big day with you on March 7th.

Posted by Sandra Bishop.