Happiest of book birthdays to Sigmund Brouwer whose book HEAVY FREIGHT publishes today with Orca Book Publishers!

This high-interest/low vocabulary novel follows Maxwell Stone, a fifteen-year-old who has been surviving and thriving in the tough part of West Vancouver by being smart and fast. But when a drug deal goes wrong, Max suddenly finds himself on the run from both the bad guys and the cops. Desperate to escape, Max impulsively decides to hop on a moving freight train. His first attempt to climb aboard fails, but at the last second a hand reaches down and pulls him in. Joseph has been riding the rails for years, and his tales inspire Max to take a journey to the last place he ever expected to go.

Resource Links Magazine says, “The East Hastings neighbourhood and the rolling geography of Canada are outstanding settings, so well done despite the short length of this novel for struggling readers. Dialogue is casual and colloquial, easily understood by the intended reader. Themes of survival, poverty and honesty will appeal to all middle school readers.”

Pick up your copy today: Orcabook.com/Heavy-Freight