Giller Prize shortlisted author Sarah Selecky‘s debut novel RADIANT SHIMMERING LIGHT is a nuanced satire that probes the blurred lines between empowerment, spirituality, and consumerism in our online lives. Both hilarious and disconcerting, RADIANT SHIMMERING LIGHT follows Lilian Quick, a 40-year-old struggling pet portrait artist whose life changes drastically when she starts working for her motivational guru cousin Eleven Novak. The job helps Lilian improve her finances, connect with her inner feminine power, and publicly confront a love affair gone wrong, which explodes her online following. Lilian is indebted to Eleven for all her success… But is Eleven really looking out for Lilian’s best interests? Sold to Lea Beresford of Bloomsbury US and Jennifer Lambert of HarperCollins for publication in 2018 by Samantha Haywood of the Transatlantic Agency. Contact for film/tv and world ex: North America: