We’re brimming with joy to see Sharon Bala‘s THE BOAT PEOPLE (McClelland & Stewart​ Canada, Doubleday US) continued success – this stunning novel debuts #1 on CBC Books​’s Canadian Fiction Bestsellers list this week!!

THE BOAT PEOPLE has also been named a Top Contender by Kobo​, earning the title of “Most Addictive”.

Latest Reviews

“Debut author Bala capably establishes the interlocking narratives of three characters, each revealing a different, albeit compelling, perspective…by empathetically exploring each character’s backstory, Bala presents the complex task of balancing a nation’s desire to be compassionate with the need to identify threats to national security, providing a timely examination of the refugee crisis worldwide. Recommended for all fiction collections.”
-Library Journal​

“The most striking aspect of the novel lies in its quietly confident understanding that everyone is complicit in systems of racial and ethnic violence…and Bala’s assertion that no one is completely innocent intensifies her emotionally vivid prose.” -Quill & Quire​

Congrats, Sharon!