DEAL NEWS: NYT bestselling author Robin Ha‘s debut graphic novel memoir for teen readers ALMOST AMERICAN GIRL, sold at auction to Alessandra Balzer of Balzer + Bray, HarperCollins, in a good deal.

When Korean born, non-English speaking, 14-year old, Robin Ha is abruptly transplanted from Seoul, Korean to Huntsville, Alabama with her single mom, she must grapple with culture shock, learning English, and her new Korean stepfamily. In the tradition of graphic novel memoirs such as AMERICAN BORN CHINESE by Gene Yang, ALMOST AMERICAN GIRL is a deeply moving, funny, and insightful story about how art can save a life.

The deal for North American rights was negotiated by Samantha Haywood. For publication in Winter 2020.


Photo credit: Michael Z. Daryabeygi