We’re pleased to announce both David Huebert’s PENINSULA SINKING (Biblioasis) and Lori McNulty’s LIFE ON MARS (Goose Lane Editions) have made the 2017 Danuta Gleed Literary Award Short List!

This annual award recognizes the best first collection of short fiction by a Canadian author published in the previous year in the English language.

This shortlist of five was selected by a jury from 39 submitted collections. The winners will be announced at the Canadian Writers’ Summit (June 14–17) in Toronto.

From the Jury:
David Huebert, PENINSULA SINKING (Biblioasis)
“A sense of wonderment penetrates the everyday lives of characters from the Maritimes in this well-crafted, compelling collection that displays a mastery of classical short-story structure and technique. Huebert’s vibrant language juxtaposes tough characters with tender preoccupations, creating narratives that are unsettling and mesmerizing, making ordinary moments in relationships thrilling and dangerous.”

From the Jury:
Lori McNulty, LIFE ON MARS (Goose Lane Editions)
“This marvellous collection displays a deep understanding of human nature through its gritty, complex, vivid, and believable characters, who find themselves experiencing alienation no matter where they live or travel in the world. McNulty’s language is lucid, fluid, and precise, employing inventive similes and metaphors. The work highlights the fragile, random unpredictability of life: we are victims of our circumstances, our natures, and our bodies.”

Congratulations David and Lori! We’re wishing you the best of luck.

For more information and the full short list, please visit Writersunion.ca/short-list-2017-danuta-gleed-literary-award