It’s been a week since END OF THE ROPE by Jan Redford published in the U.S. with Counterpoint Press​ and we’re loving the reviews flooding in already. See below for some great highlights!

Rave Reviews:

“The book is a welcome addition to mountain literature, where women’s voices (and stories like lactating all over yourself in the woods while on the job) are still noticeably rare.” 

“The book…makes a powerful case for motherhood in the outdoors and feeds into a growing concern about the ways we have cut women off from nature.”

End of the Rope is a must-read for any young woman challenged with forging her way in a space that is still largely dominated by men. It’s a tome to both harnessing and pushing against fear, and the power of arriving on the other side.”

Read an excerpt from this powerful memoir here:

“I wasn’t looking for pretty stories. I wanted messy, ugly, honest secrets.”
– an article by Jan Redford on writing about her ex husband via Catapult,

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