Just shy of the three-month pubaversary, this roundup of new reviews for Harriet Alida Lye‘s stunning debut novel, THE HONEY FARM, made our day a whole lot sweeter!

“A Buzzworthy Debut About a Mysterious and Secluded Artists’ Retreat…Reminiscent of an Agatha Christie mystery…”
-The New York Times Book Review

“With a strong command of tone and a haunting sense of atmosphere, Lye’s first novel will transfix readers. At times lyrical, biblical, and otherworldly, The Honey Farm is a suspenseful and well-crafted story.” -Booklist

“As the story beneath the surface begins to reveal itself…the novel builds to a twisted conclusion that you won’t see coming. The Honey Farm is one of the most satisfying books you’ll read all summer.” -HelloGiggles

“Lye’s debut is a lush psychological suspense, an intricately woven tale that balances vivid descriptions of the natural world with some complex character work. Told from the perspective of two young artists in residence at a beleaguered farm(alternating between perspectives), The Honey Farm adds layer upon layer of unsettling revelation, mounting tension as the farm’s problems mount…Something is wrong on the Honey Farm, and the more we learn about what that might be, the more disturbed we become. A strong debut from a writer with a great deal of promise.

“Richly detailed prose, vivid imagery and effective pacing combine to make this first novel a memorable one.”
-Minneapolis Star Tribune