The day has arrived! Iain Reid‘s highly-anticipated sophomore novel, FOE, publishes today with Simon & Schuster Canada​ – happy book birthday, Iain!!

The US edition with Simon & Schuster​ drops on September 4th, with editions in 6 other territories (so far!) to follow. Not to mention that we also have a film to look forward to from Anonymous Content who have optioned the rights.

For fans of the hit series Black Mirror, FOE is an unsettling philosophical thriller that churns with unease from its first page, and memorably blurs the boundaries of literary, horror, and science fiction. FOE explores the struggle between desperation and fear, delusion and obligation, marriage and individuality.

Advance Praise

Selected as one of the Indigo, Chapters and Coles​ Most Anticipated Books of 2018

Selected as an airport pick, featured prominently in 65 stores across Canada

Featured on CBC​’s “100 writers in Canada you need to know now”. Listen at 6:50 for a spotlight on Iain:

“Reid proves once again that he is a master of atmosphere and suspense. Readers won’t be able to put this one down.”
-Publishers Weekly​

“Reid builds to a deeply unsettling climax. As much a surgical dissection of what makes a marriage as an expertly paced, sparsely detailed psychological thriller, this is one to read with the lights on.”
-Kirkus Reviews​

“movie producers are simply confirming what the literary community already knows: Iain Reid just might be the most exciting and excitingly unclassifiable author working in Canadian fiction today.”
-The Globe and Mail

“Reid writes it all with controlled understatement, stark beauty in each word, doled out with the care of a parent spoon-feeding a baby.”
-Literary Review of Canada

Foe reads like a house on fire, and is almost impossible not to finish in one sitting…an otherworldly hothouse of introversion and fantasy.”
-Toronto Star

“I’m not sure that humans have hackles, but something was creeping up my spine as I read this book, and I welcomed the shivers of shock and delight…. A mind-bending and genre-defying work of genius.”
-Liz Nugent, author of Unraveling Oliver and Lying in Wait

Blogger and Reviewer Quotes:

“This book was a very great book . . . It’s a fabulous read that will have you guessing and wondering the whole way through!”
-Books on the Bookshelf

“The whole time I was reading it, I knew that something was a little off and it was fun to throw out guesses – nothing I guessed was correct, which made it even more fun.”
-Reading in Winter

Foe is the kind of novel that probably benefits from the shock of it all; the need to get out there and find someone else who has read it just so you can discuss it endlessly over coffee.”
-Every Read Thing

“Detail oriented, quiet, unsettling . . . beautiful . . . definitely one I want to re-read.”

“Unique, reflective, and mystifying! It’s riveting, entertaining, and certainly worth a read or two.”
-What’s Better Than Books

“…this was truly one of the best books I have read in a long time!”
-Paige, Netgalley reviewer (5 stars)

“I loved everything about this book.” –Jenn, Goodreads reviewer (5 stars)

“Reading this book was like reading an episode of Black Mirror. An utterly compulsive read that, after I finished, I wanted to talk about with anyone who would listen. I absolutely loved it.” -Monica, Goodreads reviewer (5 stars)

“What this author does best, a bit like the King, is to imbue the most innocuous seeming narrative with a feeling of menace”