Yesterday was U.S. publication day for Iain Reid‘s FOE, now available through Scout Press​! Editions in 6 other territories (so far!) to follow, plus a film in the works with Anonymous Content​ who have optioned the rights.

FOE is an unsettling philosophical thriller that churns with unease from its first page, and memorably blurs the boundaries of literary, horror, and science fiction. FOE explores the struggle between desperation and fear, delusion and obligation, marriage and individuality.

FOE became an instant national bestseller after the initial release in Canada last month and we’re thrilled to see the rave reviews coming in, in the U.S. ahead of today’s publication:

“Reid is at it again, exploiting readers with plot twists, narrative unease, and explosive conclusions in his second novel… [he] has the rare ability to make readers both uncomfortable and engaged, and this drama will surely send them back to the beginning pages to track the clues he left to the surprise ending.” Booklist​, starred review

“Such an ambitious work risks being muddied. Reid, however, brilliantly executes his vision… With Foe, Reid has written a page-turning novel that will entertain you and have you questioning the very foundation of your existence at the exact same time.”

“Reid’s prose is sparse and punchy, and he masterfully pulls you in from the first page…Reid is remarkable for delivering hypnotic, twisty plots and taunt prose in a short novel. Foe is a clever tale which examines domestic relationships and one’s self as it begs the bigger question, ‘What constitutes normalcy?’” -New York Journal of Books​

“Reid proves once again that he is a master of atmosphere and suspense. Readers won’t be able to put this one down.”
-Publishers Weekly​

“Reid builds to a deeply unsettling climax. As much a surgical dissection of what makes a marriage as an expertly paced, sparsely detailed psychological thriller, this is one to read with the lights on.”
-Kirkus Reviews​

Keep your eyes open for more news about FOE soon!