Welcome @ChefPriyanka to Transatlantic Agency!

Priyanka Naik is a 2017 Food Network Award Winning Chef, Food Blogger, Editor, and Influencer. Born and raised in Staten Island, NY, Chef Priyanka’s specialty is bringing together ingredients, flavors, and cultures through original vegetarian dishes in an Indian Twist on Global Classics. Her flavor profile and cooking skills landed her a spot on the Food Network Show Cooks vs. Cons, where she defeated two professionals and one amateur cook to take home the title of best cook and the prize of $10,000 – with purely vegetarian food!

She was the first Twitter employee to be a Guest Chef at the Twitter NYC HQ and the third-ever Twitter employee to be a Guest Chef at Twitter San Francisco HQ serving over 2000, thus joining the Twitter Guest Chef “Hall of Fame” amongst Nigella Lawson, Bryant Terry, Virginia Willis, and other world renowned chefs. She is also a contributing editor to her hometown NYC-based newspaper, the Staten Island Advance, builds sponsored content with brands such as Motorola for GQ, Laxmi House of Spices, LUMI, Biena Snacks, is regularly invited to promote NYC restaurants, is a speaker at the 2018 #TECHMunch Conference and is writing her first cookbook.

A glimpse into Priyanka’s lifestyle and cooking style can be found on www.chefpriyanka.com and YouTube.