We’re proud to see Dr. Lee Airton‘s GENDER: Your Guide stimulating important discussions on programs across Canada and the US just a week post publication.

Publisher Simon & Schuster calls this book “An authentic and accessible guide to understanding—and engaging in—today’s gender conversation.”

The Globe and Mail‘s Harvey Schachter says, “Airton offers a warm, inviting guide to a complicated area, and discusses their own transition in university from female to non-binary.”

Click on links below for informative interviews with Dr. Lee Airton:

CTV’s Your Morning

KGO 810’s The Chip Franklin Show

Dr. Lee Airton is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies in Education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. As a researcher, blogger, advocate and speaker, Dr. Airton focuses on enabling individuals and institutions to welcome gender and sexual diversity in everyday life. Dr. Airton founded They Is My Pronoun, a Q+A-based blog about gender-neutral pronoun usage and user support. Dr. Airton is also the founder of the No Big Deal Campaign, a social media initiative that helps people show support for transgender peoples’ right to have their pronouns used. In recognition of their pronoun advocacy, Dr. Airton received a 2017 Youth Role Model of the Year Award from the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity. Dr. Airton’s scholarly work has appeared in the journals Sex Education, Curriculum Inquiry, and Teachers College Record. Learn more at LeeAirton.com and genderyourguide.com.