We’re beyond excited to announce that television rights for Sarah Selecky’s debut novel, RADIANT SHIMMERING LIGHT, have been acquired by Muse Entertainment!

Stephanie Kornick (“Transparent”) is attached to write the series adaptation. Muse Entertainment’s Joel Rice, Michael Prupas, and Lydia Storie will serve as executive producers. Meghan Mathes Jacobs will serve as co-producer.

“At Muse Entertainment we are always drawn to stories that resonate, and now could not be a more perfect time to embrace the journeys of two complex, fascinating women who seek to balance financial success with personal fulfillment in a very 21st century way,” said Rice, president of Muse USA. “We’re excited to bring Selecky’s dynamic characters to life.”

Follow the link for more information: Variety.com/sarah-selecky-radiant-shimmering-light-muse-entertainment-series