We’re thrilled to welcome Sarah Richards to Transatlantic Agency!

Sarah’s debut novel, the thriller CHINA WHITE, was a finalist in the 2018 HarperCollins Best New Fiction Prize. She received an MFA from the University of British Columbia in 2017 and is now an English Instructor at Langara College and a literacy mentor in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Her short stories, reviews, interviews, and non-fiction have appeared in Carte Blanche, Prism International, The Puritan, Rusty Toque, Room Magazine, The Cardiff Review, Lonely Planet, and BBC.com, among others. In her gritty feminist crime thriller CHINA WHITE, Styvie Savard was a damn good cop, that is, until she made a mistake that cost her everything. Now she lives in her car, works a dead-end job, and scrapes by on the fumes of a dwindling savings account. Life couldn’t get much worse, until it does. One morning, Styvie hits a sixteen-year-old girl, Dharma, with her car. When the injured girl flees the scene, Styvie is determined to find her and make things right. In her pursuit, Styvie confronts Dharma’s brother, Jeremy, a violent addict working as a distributor in a fentanyl drug ring, and Dharma’s husband, Glen, who heads a pseudo-eastern-religious cult. Together they expose an opioid drug ring and work towards bringing those responsible to justice.

Sarah is represented by Samantha Haywood and her thriller will be available for consideration in early 2019.