We’re wishing Cinders McLeod‘s SPEND IT! – a charming introduction to simple money concepts in which a bunny learns he can’t buy everything he wants with his allowance – a very “hoppy” book birthday! The second book in the Moneybunny series, SPEND IT! publishes today with Penguin Random House.

Pre-publication praise:

On CBC Books​ “Hot Off the Press” March 2019 list

“McLeod’s Moneybunny series aims to teach young readers ‘a few simple facts about money.’ In this volume, the focus is on making choices about what to buy. . . . Sonny gets to thinking how to spend his carrots, and a supercritical lesson is learned: consider how and what you spend your money on. The lesson goes down smoothly because it presents options for ways to satisfy the urge to spend—it also helps that Sonny is cute as a you-know-what. Financial planning never looked so good.”
—Kirkus Reviews