Catherine Hernandez

We’re hugely excited to announce to the world that English-language rights in Canada to Catherine Hernandez‘s second and third novels have sold at auction to Jennifer Lambert, Editorial Director, HarperCollins Canada.

Scarborough, Catherine Hernandez’s first novel, about a daycare worker in Scarborough and the triumphs and sorrows of her young charges, won the hearts of Canadians, and was shortlisted for the 2017 Toronto Book Awards and long-listed for Canada Reads. Crosshairs, set five years in the future, tells the story of a country’s slide into fascism, and a regime that targets racialized, elderly, LBGTQ, and disabled folks. Kay, a queer man of Jamaican/Filipino descent, bonds with a group of persecuted outsiders, joins the underground resistance, and plans for the revolution.

Congratulations, Catherine! We’re beyond thrilled for you!