Boys: What it Means to Become a Man by Rachel Giese

Congratulations to Rachel Giese who has been named the winner of this year’s Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing for her crucial book, BOYS: What it Means to Become a Man (HarperCollins Canada)!

This annual prize, presented by the Writers’ Trust of Canada, awards an exceptional book of literary nonfiction that captures a political subject of relevance.

FROM THE JURY: “Achieving gender equity is one of great social, political, and economic challenges of our time. Harmful stereotypes and assumptions about girls and women are being shattered daily. But what is the place of boys and men in the post #MeToo world? With a skillful mix of original reporting, scholarly research, and personal anecdotes, Rachel Giese presents a deeply felt examination of the forces that shape how boys see themselves and how we see them. No one, from parents to policy-makers, can read Boys without rethinking their notion of manliness, masculinity, and how we raise young men.”

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